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So this is Christmas… in Annapolis

It’s been awhile since I spent Christmas in Annapolis. This year broke that streak, although considering it was 70 degrees, it wasn’t quite like the Christmas’ I remember there. But still, a warm Christmas isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it was kind of nice. Minus the browning garlands.

We rented a darling row house from the rainbow row just half a block from Main Street. Built in the late 1800s, the house was old and creeky with wonky door latches and near-vertical stairs down to the basement. I loved it. Especially the steam shower in the downstairs bathroom – I spent awhile luxuriating in there every day.

Christmas Boat in Annapolis

Over our 5 days in my beloved hometown, we drank plenty of eggnog and ate our weight in Christmas cookies. We finished a 1,000-piece puzzle. We went carolling around town on Christmas Eve, and were even invited to sing in Galway Bay pub, thanked with shots of eggnog on our way out. We visited with our favorite people, and hung out at our favorite spots. And got to take some wonderful walks through the narrow streets of my childhood neighborhood, which never got old.

There’s never enough time, but we made the most of what we had. And we’ll be back soon… so don’t change too much, Annapolis. Although I wouldn’t mind if that huge crane at the city dock disappeared.

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