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Quenching our thirst on a summer night

Stockholm is shining brightly in all it’s glory right now. If you’re here, you know what I mean. Everything is glittering, sparkling, glowing. Everyone is smiling. Strangers are whistling on park benches. The sun is out and it’s not been this hot in a year at least. That’s a long wait for a day when it’s warm even in the shade. Of course in Sweden, this means that an extreme heat warning is in full effect. I’m certainly not complaining.


And so I made summer smoothie. The ice cream place, Frystnext-door to our apartment (which I know you’ll be shocked to find out I haven’t been to yet even though we’ve lived here for 3 months now!), was just closing it’s doors for the day by the time we cycled up last night after an evening swim. And so, I decided to use all the fruit I could find in our kitchen and make my own creation thanks to our lovely landlord’s juicer.

It consisted of exactly what you see here:

Plus some crushed flax seed and chia seeds. And a spoonful of vanilla kvarg (translates to quark in English – it’s yogurt-esque with low fat and high protein).

It was quite tasty – refreshing, cool, and full of nutrients. Which our ice cream would not have been. Still, I’ll admit I’d take the ice cream over smoothie any day. 

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  1. Let's see…banana, grapes, kiwi, raspberries, looks like cucumber and ??apple or avocado? Healthy!!

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