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Moving on up

Have I mentioned that we moved? Again, yes. We just love moving so much – packing up each box carefully; lifting and carrying and loading; then discovering what’s made it in one piece when we open them again. It’s such fun, don’t you think? We may even start a business of it, we’ve done it enough.

This time was actually a move into our own (rented) place – our first in the US of A. We’ve been lucky enough to stay with family for awhile, which was truly wonderful. But at the point of us both finding gainful employment, it was time to spread our wings and venture out into the American real world.

We’ve landed at The Regency. That’s the name of our modest, 1960s-built apartment building in the middle of downtown Austin. It’s really the perfect location – close enough to the center of the action so NS can walk to work, but still slightly north so my commute is much easier. And since it’s an old, run down-ish place, the rent’s not bad for where we are.

Moving in

There’s always a catch of course; this one, in the shape – or rather, flow – of a leak into our bedroom floor, which I discovered a week after move-in. It’s been a long road toward fixing this unwelcome percolation, and the repair still isn’t quite done yet (it’s been well over a month), but we’re getting somewhere. In the meantime, we’ve been living in a state mayhem. Due to the leakage combined with my inability to get rid of things. But that’s another story altogether.

For now, we’ll focus on a dry floor and a nearly-patched up hole in the wall. Because sometimes that’s what you have to do.


  1. Cristian Cristian

    Oh the joys of moving…. and finding faults in the new place. Ah well. It’s your own place at least. Congrats to that! Good to hear you both are employed too. Let’s Skype or something soon!


      Tack, Cristian! Yes, it’s all part of the process 🙂 Let’s definitely Skype soon – it would be great to catch up with you and Jenny!

  2. There are always adjustments with settling in (water leaks etc.) but soon it will be a distant memory and you’ll be planning your moving in party. 🙂 Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more about your new digs!


      Thanks, Grace Ann! We’re getting settled finally now, which is a good feeling. And most of our furniture is from Ikea! Gotta support Sverige 🙂

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