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Miss Voon swanky town

On Wednesday night, we celebrated NS’ birthday. 32!! How did that happen?  I remember planning a big dinner with friends for his 24th in Australia! Where does the time go?

Anyway, I’m always one for surprises – both surprising and being surprised – so I planned an evening out for just the two of us, as has become our birthday tradition. 

We met at one of Stockholm’s infamous landmarks, Svampen – the mushroom – in the middle of the main square of the city’s posh-est neighborhood (only the best for my älskling). And led him to the Scandic Anglais hotel’s roof-top terrace:
Photo from Scandic hotels
Nice, huh? 

We ordered G&T’s and sat perched along a high bench overlooking lovely Humlegården – the Bumble Bee Gardens – and Kungliga Biblioteket – the King’s Library. 

When we’d finished our drinks, we headed onward to our table at Miss Voon, a trendy new Asian fusion restaurant up the street. Michelin recommended, Miss Voon’s food is incredible and is served beneath low-lights and soft electronic tunes. Our set 4-course menu consisted of

  • lobster tacos
  • salmon tartar sushi-type thing (hard to hear the very long description from our waitress)
  • lamb rack with curry sauce
  • rhubarb strawberry compote with almond cake and vanilla yoghurt 

Each course was so fresh and delicious! Although the portions were small, I thought at the time, I was perfectly satisfied by the end – a welcome experience compared with my typical over-eating-followed-by-never-wanting-to-eat-again status quo when eating out. 

As we paid the bill, we received a gift bag with an “inspiration book.” I was excited about the possibility of getting a few new recipes to try out at home, but alas, it was just a fancy book of professional photographs of Miss Voon’s food and the restaurant itself. Anyone interested in a new coffee table book?


  1. Happy birthday Nik!!!! Miss you both! Patty and Mark

  2. That sounds like a VERY nice birthday celebration for a FANTASTIC young man! (At 32, Nik is still in the 'young man' category in my book.)

    Happy Birthday, Nik!!! And, great planning, Katie!!!

  3. Thank you Mrs. Ryan! We miss you guys too!!!

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