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5 Tools to Make Your Holidays Bright, Volusion blog, December 2016
Do you feel it yet? That holiday panic setting in? The I’ve-got-a-million-things-to-do-with-no-end-in-sight feeling. We hope this isn’t the case – but if it is, remember: the end is in sight: less than three weeks away. So if you can hold out until then, you’ll be golden! Read more…




Volusion’s Top 8 Picks for Fourth of July Celebrations, Volusion blog, July 2016
How are you preparing for the most patriotic day of the year? Only a couple of days away, the Fourth of July weekend is definitely one of the most exciting weekends for many Americans. Not only do we get a long weekend, but the whole preparation for it awakens the American spirit in all of us! Read more…




9 Last-Minute Ideas for Dad’s Day Gifts, Volusion blog, June 2016
We’re down to T-minus 2 days until the big Father’s Day shebang – and if you’ve planned to order your gift online for dear old Dad, we hope you’ve done it already or it’ll be a tight deadline. Even if it’s late for many online orders, now that everyone’s in that do-for-dad mindset, we thought we’d share some ideas for whenever you’re next on the hunt for a gift for your old man. Read more…

finding inspiration

7 Great Ways to Stay Inspired When You’re In a Slump, Material blog, June 2016
When was the last time you felt inspired? The last time you were truly moved to do something? Perhaps it was during a conversation with a friend or colleague. Or maybe it was while reading a quote while scrolling down your Facebook feed. Whether or not you actually took action is another matter, but often that moment of inspiration can be a driving point for creativity. Read more…


Professional Inspiration from Moms, Volusion blog, May 2016
It’s that time of year again – time to thank your mom for… well, being your mom, raising you into the fine person you are today. How best to do that is debatable. Fine chocolates? Pretty flowers? New earrings? A car wash? Everyone is chiming in on how best to show moms our appreciation – and rightfully so: moms deserve a lot of credit.  Read more…

TragoRefresh Your Way of Doing Business with Advice from the Guy Changing How People Hydrate, Material blog, April 2016
We’ve all heard it before: drink eight glasses of water a day. How big those glasses are is always up for interpretation (or is that just us?); however, eight is the magic number for anyone who wants to be fully hydrated. But what if our bodies were actually different, and not everyone needed the exact same amount of water as everyone else? Read more…

Social media algorithm updates
The Latest Social Media Algorithm Changes, Volusion blog, March 2016
Social media platforms have become a major component of the online world. While their users often assume that the way they see these platforms now is how they’ll see them next week or month or year, that is not always the case. For better or for worse, changes do indeed occur, made every so often in an effort to improve the platforms and their feeds, and to stay competitive with the growing number of options that are now available. Read more…


Child brides
Child Brides: “When she takes off her veil, I see a child”
, Aftonbladet, March 2016 (translation of Swedish to English)
The man hasn’t had his new mobile phone for long before it plings. “Hello Sir. I am a serious and good man who would like the hand of your daughter. Please contact this number for more information.” The man reads the message from an unknown number. He is in a refugee camp, having left his own country. Read more…

The endangered
The Endangered, Aftonbladet, March 2016 (translation of Swedish to English)
They are endangered. They are human beings who can be discarded before they’re born, if we so wish. They’re all over the world, but are decreasing in number. For some reason, this endangered part of the world’s population has been born with a 21st chromosome, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, and is mentally disabled.  Read more…

5 Ways to Slay on Pinterest
, Material blog, March 2016
The world of pinning has grown tremendously since Pinterest’s launch in 2010. A pin is no longer just a wrestling move – it’s become the core component of a network that shares ideas and inspiration between over 100 million active users. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly how best to use this platform for a new business and its goals. If you fall into this category, read on for some advice on how Pinterest can work to inspire and grow your brand. Read more…

What’s Wanelo, and How Can It Help You Sell More?, Volusion blog, February 2016
Online shopping is evolving like never before – and with it, niche platforms that provide shoppers with convenient, fun ways to find what they’re looking for. One such social network is Wanelo, a “mall on your phone,” which features 30 million products from 550,000 stores. Named from the words Want, Need and Love, Wanelo has been attracting young shoppers by the masses since its launch in 2012.  Read more…

Holiday Messaging Tips

3 Tips for Winning at Holiday Messaging in 2015, Volusion blog, December 2015
The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them comes the inevitable rush of fulfilling and delivering last minute orders. No matter how long the tasks have been on the radar, this highly anticipated season always seems to creep up quickly… Read more…


Holiday Gift Guide - The Outdoorsman
Holiday Gift Guide: The Outdoorsman
, Volusion blog, December 2015
Explorer. Camper. Fisherman. Hunter. Hiker. Outdoorsman. No matter the label for the adventurer in your life, they are sure to appreciate a gift that gives them any excuse to close their laptop and head outside. Read more…



The Coast of Death
The Coast of the Dead, Aftonbladet, November 2015 (translation of Swedish to English)
Voices from the sea are heard at dawn. Cries for help break the darkness and tell the stories of our time. So does the silence from 3,600 people who have drowned so far this year in the Mediterranean Sea. As autumn turned into winter this year, the words about the refugee crisis have lost their urgency. We’re making another attempt. Read more…


Syrian child sleeping - Lamar
Where the children sleep
, Aftonbladet, September 2015 (translation of Swedish to English)
One is missing his bed. Another, her doll with the dark eyes. A third is dreaming himself back to a time when his pillow was not an enemy. The war in Syria has continued for almost five years and no more than two million children are fleeing the war, within and outside of the country borders. Read more…


The Moose from The Local's online shop
The Moose, The Local Brands, September 2014
The moose is one of Sweden’s most noble creatures – and has become an icon of Sweden itself. Seeing a moose in the wild is a rare event, but to do so is a rush unlike any other. Read more…



Memories of Sweden armband - The Local Brands

Memories of Sweden Armband, The Local Brands, September 2014
Have you ever been so captivated by a place that you needed something for yourself to remind you of it? Whether you live in Sweden or have just passed through, Memories of Sweden’s gorgeous armbands… Read more…



M&S fashion article - The LocalMarks and Spencer: Win €300 toward your new autumn wardrobe, The Local, August 2014 (also published on and
It’s time to set aside your summer tops and bikinis and swap them for the crisp autumn months of soft knits and gorgeous statement coats. This autumn’s fashion has something to suit all tastes, as Marks and Spencer’s latest collection shows. Read more…


Ready for a change this summer? image
Ready for a change this summer?
, The Local newsletter, July 2014
Reflecting on where you are this summer? And where you’re headed? Explore new horizons on The Local’s jobs pages where there are over 700 jobs listed for English speakers like you! Read more…



Yasuragi article - The Local

Union bolthole to luxury spa: a Swedish trip
, The Local, January 2014
A Japanese spa’s past as a Swedish union stronghold grants The Local’s Katie Dodd an insight into Sweden’s industrial journey while offering a calming antidote to multi-tasking city life. Read more…



Dill restaurant article - The Local

Stockholm ‘pop-up’ diner shuts as secret divulged
, The Local, October 2013
Stockholm’s first “pop-up” restaurant, Dill, served its last supper on Thursday, after a dirty little secret was revealed earlier this week. The Local’s Katie Dodd tasted the Michelin-inspired fare before the gig was up. Read more…



Healthcare study guide -

Education Programs in Healthcare
, November 2012, (created all content for this page and all Study guides linked from this page)
Study in the field of Healthcare tends to attract students who have a genuine interest in the life sciences, such as biology, and in helping other people. Healthcare training teaches students how best to care for those in need of medical attention. Read more…


USA study guide -

Study in North America
,, April 2012 (created all content for both Study in Canada & Study in USA + Grade Conversion Tool for the United States)
Do you want to study in North America? North America is one of the most popular study destinations in the world for international students. The quality of the education is high, as is the competition. Read more…


Running against the odds - Bay Weekly

Running Against the Odds
, Bay Weekly, March 2012
Sunday, March 4, a thousand men and women lined up to run the Annapolis Striders’ B&A Trail Marathon. Among them, 71-year-old Minnesotan Don Wright stood poised to begin his 63rd marathon in 44 states. Read more…



Love story - Bay Weekly

Love Story
, Bay Weekly, February 2011
Having just traveled for 24 hours straight halfway around the world, I was in no state to make new friends, much less meet the love of my life. The frigid February temperatures I left behind at home made Western Australia’s 100 degrees feel even hotter as I shed layers of winter clothing. My internal clock was completely upside-down with jet lag. And I hadn’t showered in at least as long as I’d been traveling. Read more…


Election Educator - Bay Weekly

Bay Weekly’s 2010 Election Educator
, Bay Weekly, October 2010 (contributor)
This election is like few others we’ve seen. With so many voters fed up with the course of governing — and with so many candidates struggling to tap into this palpable anger — 2010 brings a new strain of the old throw-out-the-bums electoral fever. Read more…


Bonfire of the political vanities - Bay Weekly

Bonfire of the Political Vanities
, Bay Weekly, September 2010
Maryland’s September primaries are over, the polls have closed, and — for the most part — the results have been determined. For most winners, the looming general election — where the stakes are all or nothing — leave little time to celebrate. Read more…

Rock the casbah - Bay Weekly


Rock the Casbah, Bay Weekly, September 2010
From May through October, the First Sunday Arts Festival transforms inner West Street into an Annapolitan Casbah. Wandering down West Street, you find the normally high-traffic thoroughfare empty of cars, replaced by dozens of artisans’ tents.  Read more…


Running into trouble - Bay Weekly

Running into Trouble
, Bay Weekly, September 2010
The humid air carries a buzz of excitement as 4,585 people packed in the early morning shade of Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on August 29 stretch their limbs in anticipation of the impending race. This 10-mile run is the culmination of my weeks of training through another hot, humid Annapolis summer. Read more…


Buddy Holly - Annapolis Patch

Buddy Holly Comes to Life at the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre
, Patch Annapolis, September 2010
Where were you when Buddy Holly died? I was sitting in the last row of the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre (ASGT) last Friday night. Read more…


Jennie Harrison - Bay Weekly

Back to Work: Celebrating Labor Day
, Bay Weekly, September 2010
Jennie Harrison has known since second grade that she wanted to be a school teacher. When she was 11, Harrison and a friend started Backyard Blast, a week-long kids’ summer camp that ran for five summers in Harrison’s own backyard. Read more…


Crab picking - Patch Annapolis

Crab Picking As an Art
, Patch Annapolis, September 2010
Perhaps there is no better way to spend a late summer afternoon than sitting at a newspaper-covered picnic table with a pile of steamed, Old Bay-coated, Maryland hard-shell crabs. The smell of the spicy seasoning lingers on your hands for days and its bite burning any tiny cuts on your fingers — but it’s all well worth the pain. Read more…


The Names - Bay Weekly

What’s in a Name?
, Bay Weekly, August 2010
The Names’ idea man Charlie Evans stops mixing sound just long enough to beg a glass of ice. It’s a warm and breezy Friday night, but inside Tsunami, it feels close to 90 degrees. The dining room has long since emptied, but at the bar, the night is beginning. Beneath dim lights, 100 people are crammed into a tiny space, sweaty bodies close enough to spill each other’s drinks with one wrong step. Read more…


Windmills - Bay Weekly

The Power of Water and Wind
, Bay Weekly, May 2010
When heavy rain falls from the sky, a deluge of water floods into Chesapeake Bay, carrying anything it soaks up on the way. In Olde Severna Park, neighbors are strategizing to keep their lawn fertilizers, nitrogen and chemicals out of the Bay. Read more…


Jennifer Quinlan - Bay Weekly

Running in a Pack of 25,000
, Bay Weekly, April 2010
Five years ago, Annapolitan Jennifer Quinlan vowed she’d run the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon. She read books on America’s oldest annual marathon, researching what it’s like and how to train for a race of such size and esteem. This is her year. Read more…


Test of Taste - Bay Weekly

A Test of Taste
, Bay Weekly, March 2010
Twenty-one glasses range before me in neat rows on a long, narrow table. When I’ve worked through the first round, a second set of nine glasses follows. Then 14 more. Finally another 20. There are no spittoons in sight. On other Saturday nights, I might have stumbled out the door. On this occasion, I felt healthy, clear-headed and refreshed. Read more…


MD State House - Bay Weekly

Back to Work at the Maryland State House
, Bay Weekly, January 2010
Growing up in downtown Annapolis, I picnicked at the State House on benches overlooking the city, and I learned to avoid disapproving guards as my dog, Skipper, raced around its grounds chasing squirrels. Read more…



Bikram - Bay Weekly

The Power of Heat
, Bay Weekly, January 2010
I stand on my knees and drop my head behind me. My upper body curves backward and I grab my heels with my hands. Pushing my hips forward, I arch my spine, so my body looks like a lopsided wheel from the side. Read more…



Michael Silitch - Bay Weekly

Climbing to New Heights
, Bay Weekly, December 2009
You are ascending Western Europe’s highest mountaintop, Mont-Blanc, about to experience one of the best ski spots in the world. A tram — the Aiguille du Midi — carries you up the mountainside, scaling an altitude of 12,600 feet above sea level. A spectacular view of the Alps welcomes you to the top. Read more…


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.48.54 PM

Climates are Changing, Causing More than a Slight Disruption
, h2h, TT Club at Thomas Miller, December 2008 (contributed largely to this article)
Climate change has only recently come to the forefront of most industries’ geopolitical agendas; terminals and ports are no exception. The next half century poses the most uncertainty for predictions of climate change. Read more…


Bikram's is best -

Bikram’s is Best
,, February 2008
Looking for an uberhot work-out to get you through the cold-weather blues? Try 90 minutes of Bikram yoga in a 40-degree studio. This is not a class for the weak – all 26 positions work you until you’re sweating like you’ve never sweat before, and then some. Read more…


Farewell, Market House, Bay Weekly, December 2004
On 7:30am on a cold, dark morning, you walk through downtown Annapolis toward the City Dock. The frigid wind blowing off the water stings your eyes. Squinting out across Ego Alley, where a few bare sailboats are tied, you see the early coloring of a beautiful morning sky. The windows of stores are dark – all but at Market House. Seeing people inside, you hurry toward this inviting place. Read more…