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Kanelbullar Bliss

I live in a country where baked goods are celebrated with their own day – how perfectly appropriate! Especially as I’ve earned the nickname Kakie in my office for my love of cake and other sweet treats. I am never one to pass on a dessert, any time, any place.

Today – October 4 – is Kanelbullens Dag, or Cinnamon Bun Day, in Sweden. Celebrated country-wide since 1999, this day gives everyone an excuse to indulge in a classic favorite at least once. NS and I started early, sharing Gunnarsons last one of the day yesterday evening. Or more like, me giving it to NS as a present before eating more than half of it myself. The tribute to this oh-so-delicious baked item continued into today when my office put out this gigantic bowl, chock-full of homemade buns. Well, for a couple minutes at least – they didn’t last for long. 

Half an hour after they were announced, I couldn’t stop myself from sneaking back to see if there were any extras … and found just a couple sugar granules at the bottom of the bowl. Well, I’ve got plenty of places where I can buy kanelbullar in this country. And I doubt I’ll ever get tired of eating them.


  1. Love your post! I also posted about Kanelbullens dag 🙂 I doubt I'll ever get tired of eating them either!

  2. I don't think I will get tired of them either! Such a great day to celebrate 🙂

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