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It’s that Time Again

How is it December already? DECEMBER?! I feel like October just wrapped up, and somehow we’re well through Thanksgiving.

Well, with the holiday built around eating behind us, it’s time to look forward to an entire season built around eating. Ours has kicked of with a festive start featuring not one but two holiday parties on Saturday night – both for my company and N’s. Fortunately, they were within a few blocks of each other so we were able to bounce back and forth between: his to mine back to his. It was quite the social maneuvering, pulled off mostly with success. I was largely focused (read: obsessed) on being present for both raffle drawings, of which I was convinced we would win. Unfortunately, no dice at mine and didn’t make it back in time for N’s. But we still got loads of good food and also turned “$2000” of chips into over $10,000 of chips at the black jack table of my Casino Royale-themed affair. If only it was real money.

In other festive events, I attended Alamo Drafthouse’s Elf Movie Party last Thursday. If you haven’t heard of Alamo Drafthouse, the basic premise is dining in a movie theatre (I’m conflicted about this as, of course, it’s combining two great things, but when I go to the movies, I kind of want to just see the movie and eat before or after). The Elf Movie Party involves the screening of this great holiday classic along with toys that relate to the film for each audience member to interact with at the appropriate moment. For instance, blowing bubbles during the shower scene. Oh, and the movie was kicked off with a spaghetti and maple syrup eating contest between three audience members. Because Buddy the Elf loves spaghetti with maple syrup, and so do we.

How are you kicking off your holidays this year?

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