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I was born to be a cowgirl

Texas is big open spaces and skies that last for miles. Sometimes that’s not apparent in the city, so last weekend we escaped to Donkey Haute Farm in Webberville. Just a 30-minute drive east of Austin, Donkey Haute has acres of fields, a big tractor, a chicken coop, and 4 pretty donkeys.

In Texas, farm land is code for shooting grounds – so we went skeet shooting. Luckily, there were more than a couple guns to go around. And plenty of “clay pigeons” (which were actually orange disks launched from a battery-powered contraption into the sky) to keep us occupied for hours in the late afternoon sun.

Believe it or not, this was not my first time shooting a gun. Having finished a year of Army ROTC in college, I’d been to the shooting range more than once, within the safe haven of an indoor, controlled shooting facility. This was quite another story. An open field, a couple pick-up trucks playing country music, and an audience of mixed-level shooting enthusiasts waiting for that disk to shatter against the clouds with every shot.

There was no shattering for me. I don’t know how close I got to hitting the disks either. I couldn’t see where the bullets went. All I did was aim as best I could (no easy feat – guns are heavy) and try to keep from falling with the kick-back. I succeeded in staying on my feet at least.

I obviously have a lot to learn about skeet shooting. But more importantly, I have to get myself a pair of leather boots. Pronto.


  1. Dad Dad

    Great photo, like the pony tail, cute article.
    Donkeys may be handsome or ugly, or goofy, but hardly pretty! Most folks know what “clay pigeons” are – except perhaps some of you girl friends?? It takes practice to hit anything; good luck.


      Thanks for reading, Dad! Haha yes, but these donkeys really were pretty! Hopefully I can hit something next time, although it seems unlikely 😉

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