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Goodbye, Regency

MOVING SUCKS. There’s no way around it. I can imagine even moving into a gorgeous, luxury home isn’t fun (although I’m sure there are worse things).

We moved today – not into a place of our own, but to a newer, bigger rental apartment – a step up from where we’ve spent the last year. If you’ve spoken to me at any point while we’ve been living at The Regency, you’ve probably heard about the leaks we had in our bedroom (there were many) or the lack of air conditioning during some hot spells (a true emergency in Austin summers) or maybe the smell that seemed to take over the building. And it’s no wonder – a 50-year old building needs attention and maintenance, of which this one received little. The result: shitty living, simply put. We suffered through it; what else could we do with a 1-year lease?

We decided our next place would be better – and it is. It’s only two years old, so the wear and tear is less, as are the sloppy patch-ups to cover them. And we have a balcony! Access to the great outdoors, however tiny it may be, is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait to eat Saturday morning breakfasts on it in the sun, looking out from our 4th floor spot to the courtyard below.

But now, I’m utterly exhausted. We’ve spent the last two days frantically packing up all our belongings (okay, I’ll admit they’re mostly mine) and then hauling them into the car and then out again. And I can tell you, the walk from the parking lot to our new apartment is not a short one. We did hire movers for the majority, thank God – otherwise this move would’ve taken a week.

Our new apartment is currently a sea of boxes, and we’ve already found some issues – like evidence (dare I say it, mold) from a water leak – but I’m hoping they’ll be resolved speedily and won’t resurface. It’ll be a few weeks before we’re really settled. And it’ll take some time to get used to being outside of downtown Austin. But I think it’s going to be great.

To our old home at The Regency: it’s been real, it’s been fun, it hasn’t been real fun. To our new home: please don’t disappoint us!

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