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City on the shimmering sea

I fall more in love with San Diego every time I visit. That will probably always be the case with a city like that. Sea and hills. Eclectic neighborhoods full of interesting places and people. Dozens of beach towns scattered along the coastline: one for every lifestyle it seems, from the perfectly manicured La Jolla to the barefoot, weed-smoking Ocean Beach.

And the food! I ate so well over my 4 days there. Foccacia di Recco in Little Italy, pancakes and sausage at the Golden Hill Cafe, fish tacos (for $1.50!) at a Mexican food truck. And some incredible home-cooked meals around the tables of dear friends combined with long overdue catch-ups. Snacking on the beach was also involved, with the backdrop of dangerously massive waves crashing against a rocky coast.

San Diego food truck

Our second beach day was much calmer: a bike ride through the gorgeous neighborhoods of Coronado to its wide sandy beach in a perfect 75 degrees. Sandcastles were built, clumps of seaweed were dissected, and the sea was calling.

I like to enter oceans by way of a “lifeguard entrance.” This method involves not testing the water first with your toe; in fact, don’t even talk about how cold it’s going to be. Rather, you run into the water at full-speed until completely submerged as if someone’s life depended on it. By the time you’re all the way in, you’ve hardly felt the cold, it’s such an adrenaline rush. I highly recommend it, especially in the frigid Pacific. And it doesn’t count if you’re wearing a wet suit. Happy swimming!

Ocean Beach

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