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Book Lovers Unite!

They say print is dying, but Austin’s Book Festival was alive and well today, despite the wet weather that pervaded the weekend. I took a quick walk through the Capital-side festivities this afternoon, just before closing time. Stands were wrapping up their weekend’s activity, packing their wares to head back to various book stores statewide.

As much as I love books and everything around them, most of the stands didn’t draw me in. That may have been largely because I breezed by quickly in an effort to soak in as much as I could in 20 minutes or so. But I also feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of books out there I’d like to read. The combination of my extremely slow reading speed and the lack of time I invest to do it mean a lack of progress that both confounds and frustrates me. How is it that I can still be reading the same book after four months? We’re not talking War & Peace here, but rather, three- to four-hundred page novels that many people fly through in a handful of days. I’m comparing myself to book worms here, but that’s what I strive to be – and fall far from hitting the mark.

My Goodreads list of books to read is 131 to be exact – and that’s only the ones I’ve remembered to add. Someday I’ll get through them. Maybe this winter I’ll pick up my pace… although I say that every winter.

One solution may be to join a book club. I’ve been a member of various book clubs over time; at one point, it was up to four at once. Although as a book club member, you relinquish being the sole decision-maker in choosing what to read, accountability to your fellow members is good motivation for getting through a book. And apparently that’s what I need. So… is there anyone reading this in Austin who wants to start one? Or has one I can join? I promise I’ll actually read the books (most of the time).

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