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A weekend on the slopes

Do you know of a place called Park City, Utah? It’s a tiny oasis of mountainous beauty in the Rockies. Although the city has only about 8,000 inhabitants, for 10 days over mid-winter every year, it swells to accommodate directors, producers, actors, actresses, and a bunch of no-names hoping to get in on the fun. This is the Sundance Film Festival. Of course, we were only there for the skiing. It just happened to coincide with this annual event. Which wasn’t too bad, really.

Apres ski

My long-time readers may recall my recounting of another trip I took to Sundance back in 2010. And if so, you may also recall my stimulating conversation on the slopes with Adrian Grenier, best known for his role as the main character in the series Entourage. Well, apparently he lives in Austin now and just happened to be on our Delta flight out to PC last Thursday. What can I say? He and I have a Sundance connection.

We also saw Sting eating dinner at a bar one night. And we’re pretty sure we saw Ryder, Corey’s best friend in Boy Meets World.

Ski patrol of Park City

But as I said, we were there for the skiing. And we got 3 good days in. A sunny one, an icy one, and our final day: pure powder. The Canyon’s ski resort merged with Park City this winter, creating the largest ski resort in the country of over 7,300 acres. We didn’t get close to covering it all, but we made some good headway, both on- and off-piste. It had been 4 years since I skied, and although it is a lot like riding a bike, my courage has diminished with each year. Hopefully at some point, I’ll get it back, but for now, I think I make my way down the mountains grandma-style. Although I did manage to get down a double black diamond (without falling), which is saying a lot in the Rockies.

Days of skiing followed by beers in a very hot jacuzzi and then dinners out: all in all, it was the perfect skiing holiday. I just wish we could’ve stayed another week, or so. Until next time, crazy Sundance…

The snowboarders

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